Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Roxy's Report from the Mendham Township Home & School Association Meeting on Elementary School Principal Transition and Recruitment

Since we received the news on Halloween that our Mendham Township Elementary School Principal Michael Craver had resigned suddenly, there's been a great deal of concern and discussion among local parents, both about the reasons behind his departure, and the transition process. The leaders of our Home & School Association reacted quickly to our concerns, enlisting School Board President Mark Ford and members of the transition team to join the regularly scheduled HSA meeting this morning. The meeting was well attended by concerned parents, and I had trouble finding a parking space when I arrived at the school at 9:15am. Pushing the discussion of Fall Fundraiser ieas and Sally Foster wrapping paper profits to the end of the agenda, we got right to the subject of the transition.

School Board President Mark Ford started out by trying to calm our concerns about the transition and recruitment process, including:

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