Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Still Good News for Dummies...but You'll Have to Be Patient

Ever since Lisa Sabin-Wilson designed my Roxy's Best Of... WordPress MU (multi-user) community of local web sites, you've heard my raves about her work as well as the WordPress blogging and content management platform. For those of you who may be thinking about abandoning Google's Blogger/Blogspot blogging platform in favor of a self-hosted web site, I highly recommend Lisa Sabin-Wilson's book, WordPress for Dummies. As I've learned more and more about WordPress over the summer and as the leaves began to fall, I've been looking forward to a new edition of WordPress for Dummies due out in mid-October, but learned from Lisa that there' been a delay...but all for a good cause:

"We've held off on the original publish date to give me time to be sure the book is 100% updated for the latest version of WordPress 2.7 (due to be released in just a few weeks). We're looking at early December."

So you have two choices... if you're in a hurry, pick up a copy of the old version of WordPress for Dummies....most of the broad concepts are the same and will help you to get started.... otherwise, you can wait to see if Santa leaves a copy under your Christmas tree.