Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I thought I'd stop for a moment and say a few words of thankfulness. This year, Rex, London, Maddie and I were all set for a big family Thanksgiving at Grandmom's house, the chance to catch up with my oldest sister and my nieces. Instead, the four of us will be having a quiet Thanksgiving at home on Thursday because my 83-year-old mom fell and broke her pelvis and is spending Thanksgiving in rehab at Bridgeway Care. Instead of expressing disappointment about the change in plans, I'd like to give thanks that my mom's situation is only temporary, she's still sharp as a tack and able to live on her own, not in a nursing home.

Thanksgiving also feels like a time to help others. With the Christmas holidays approaching, Sears has made it possible to help fulfill wishes for 30,583 military families (including military service members, veterans, and their families) by contributing online through the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry. Several of the families have shared their stories on the site, such as "A Special Holiday Season for My Young Hero" "It's Never Easy to Be Apart," and "My Son's First Christmas." Sears is collecting donations online, and will use the funds to provide gift cards to the registered military families. It seems like a great way to show our gratitude and support our troops.