Friday, May 02, 2008

Blogosphere at the Beach!

I happened to read a post today on my blogosphere buddy Lady Java's site about how she met her first blogger friend in the flesh. Lady Java and Natrah had been commenting on each other's blogs for quite some time when they decided to rent a car and meet up at Ampang Point on May Day Night. Since they hadn't even seen each other's pictures ahead of time (Grammy tells me and the girls not to post our photos online for strangers to look at and I guess LJ feels the same way), both lady bloggers dressed in red to be able to recognize each other. The Little Red Riding Hood idea worked like a charm, and the two blog buddies enjoyed an evening that felt like a meeting of close and old friends.

I laughed at the blurry photo LJ took with her camera phone and posted on her blog, but Lady Java's adventure gave me idea. What if all of the Red Hot Drops got a flight and a car rental (Advantage Rent a Car has sizzling savings on SUVs) and come to visit the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives at my house on the Jersey Shore?

We'll call it Blogosphere at the Beach! Who's up for it?


Mariuca said...

LOL! It'll be a while and a whole lotta paid posts to write before I can happily jet set to US to see u Roxy, but imagine how supercool that would be!! :)

LadyJava said...

hahah.. Roxy I absolutely love this post.. too bad I cant link to it coz the Natrah post has a paid link too...lolzz..

And yes.. LJ's very mysteriously.. no one knows what she looks like.. for all anyone knows.. LJ's a monster!! lolzz!!!.. and yes too Grammy very wise...hheheeh

Like GP said..lots of paid post..lolzz..and like you said.. maybe IZEA can sponsor....supercoolness!!!

Wally Banners said...

Your Grammy is WRONG!! theres 6 billion people on Earth. Trust me Doll no one is out to get you or Rex.
Express yourself! let the world see how pretty you are. Let even man see why Rex is luckiest guy alive :) Doll I didn't know your blog was up against the interns blog. I voted for him before I got to see yours sorry. :(

Elana Rams said...

Wow, it must be strange to meet someone in person, that you've been communicating with for a long time.

If you go to Jersey, take a picture and post it! I hear Jersey's beautiful in the spring.

Wally Banners said...

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