Friday, May 23, 2008

Do It In Dockers


By now, you must be living in a cave with no TV or Internet access if you haven't heard about the Dockers contest. All around the world, my fellow bloggers and talented, creative moviemakers have been submitting their Dockers commercials to try to win the coveted 30 seconds of fame on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I'm not sure how many commercials have been submitted so far, but after an extensive search of the Blogosphere for the competing entries, I found the following video on YouTube. While I'm not sure the Dockers judges will agree, this one is my hands down favorite, and I'm sure it would get a laugh from Jay Leno, too. Go ahead, take a look, you've got 30 seconds, haven't you?

Now, if you're going to give it a shot and make your own video to enter the Dockers contest, you've only got 6 days to find your actors and cue the lights, camera....ACTION! I have it on good authority that Matt Urdan over at MichiganRafter dot Blogspot dot com wears Dockers whenever he's out whitewater rafting...the trick is getting just the right 30 seconds on video when Matt goes overboard in his Dockers.

You have until next Thursday, May 29th to submit your video advertisement to the Dockers judges for consideration. Then Dockers will judge all of the eligible videos on the following criteria: creativity (30%), originality (30%), ability to highlight the Dockers brand (35%), and total Widget User rating (5%). Dockers will post the top five (5) videos online, so we'll all have a chance to vote on the finalists, and the winner (and all the world) gets his or her 15 minutes of fame when the winning ad appears on the June 13th, 2008 broadcast of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC.

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