Thursday, May 22, 2008

Roxiticus Deep Dark Dirty Secrets: EntreCard Confession (or, Forex Traders, This Post's for You!)

Many of my fellow bloggers have posted about EntreCard (if you're visiting via BlogExplosion or SocialSpark and have no idea what I'm talking about, please scroll down a few posts or click EntreCard under Hot Topics in my sidebar and you'll get a nice introduction). These posts usually include mixed feelings about "dropping and running." Today, I'm posting my Roxiticus Deep Dark Dirty Secret, in the form of an EntreCard Confession: while I prefer to visit my favorite blogs every day, drop my EntreCard, read that day's post or posts, and maybe leave a comment or two or three, when I'm in the mood to drop a lot of EC's, I like to click through to a topic I have no interest in, like American Idol or organic healthy living or forex trading. Since many EntreCarders like to "advertise" on Other People's Blogs (OPB) that share similar content, clicking on one forex trading EntreCard can lead to a run where I'll drop 20 or 30 cards in a matter of minutes.

Not that I've got anything against forex trading. But as an investment banker by day and a blogger by night, I just don't like to bring any part of my day job home with me. In fact, eToro has developed a new version of its ground breaking financial trading platform that actually sounds like fun.

The new eToro platform has more trading and community features that provide traders with the flexibility they desire, and eToro has introduced two new trading arenas. First, there's the Trade Box, for the seasoned trader. The eToro Trade Box was a natural step, since the eToro trading platform places great emphasis on Forex practice and education. eToro's Trade Box enables forex traders to open multiple trades, manage stop loss and take profit orders after opening the position, and trade two additional currency pairs – NZD/USD and GBP/JPY. eToro's second new arena is the Forex Trend arena, which enables forex traders to choose the falling or rising trend of one out of three major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP) with more dynamic options of the counter currencies against which the trader believes the trend will apply.

More interesting to a social networker like me is the whole new range of community features that eToro has introduced with the new platform. Each trader now has the opportunity to create their own personal user profile, including the option of uploading a personal picture (I'll have to ask Matt to get to work on my eToro Bree Square, with just a glimpse of red hair). eToro has also made it simpler than ever for traders to keep in touch and keep checks on their fellow traders with dynamic and easy to create friend lists.

If I were going to venture into forex trading, I'd certainly choose a fun and friendly web 2.0 community based approach to doing it combined with the latest in financial trading software provided by the eToro platform. While eToro provides forex traders with a unique and complete online trading experience, it feels more like social networking than bringing my day job home!

So, EntreCarders everywhere, help a fellow blogger with too little time least one day a week, why not write something that I don't want to read??!!

I've shared my Roxiticus Deep Dark Dirty why don't you share yours right here in the comments section...I bet you can be much more creative!

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Mariuca said...

LOL how about more cat posts? Would that help? ;)

Great post Roxy, you sound all business like he he.. if they had a bonus for this post, I hope SS gives it to u! :)