Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Primary? What Primary? Vote in the Pop Star Challenge on YouTube!

Let's face it, despite YouTube claims to the contrary by Obama Girl and HotforHill, never mind the Raining McCain Girls, there is nothing sexy about any of the United States Presidential candidates. So why rush out to the Democratic primaries when you can stay home in your jammies and watch two hot gurlz battle it out in the Pop Star Challenge on YouTube. Don't worry, there's eye candy for the ladies and our Inner Gay Men, too.

Alisa Apps presents The Pop Star Challenge, a contest similar to the Pepsi Challenge. Do you remember those blind taste test commercials from the 1980s? In this modern-day update, Alisa Apps' Pop Star Challenge on YouTube pits her own music video entitled "Confusion" against a different famous pop star every time via links in the video information. I got Rihanna tonight when I tested it out for my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers. Then the host of The Pop Star Challenge asks viewers like you and me to comment on both of the videos, letting the judges know which video they prefer.

As my friend Wally Banners would say, very impressive, a doll with smarts: Alisa is driving traffic around YouTube by asking viewers to participate in her game. Truly a Web 2.0 concept, not only is this an incredibly gutsy, confident move by the blonde bombshell, but it's using the YouTube network in a very savvy new way. So what are we waiting for, here's a little taste of The Pop Star Challenge for you:

Go ahead and take The Pop Star Challenge yourself on YouTube by clicking through the video, and be sure to comment here at Roxiticus Desperate Housewives and let us know who you picked and why. Stay in and vote!

Sponsored by Alisa Apps


Mariuca said...

Hey Roxy! It looks like I'm back at BE today and EC is back up too. Guess we're back in business! Am here to vote dearie, good luck! :)

Jose said...

Hey, I remember those Pepsi commercials. The YouTube video is pretty funny. Isn't it amazing how much talent you see on youtube or read on bogs?