Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lucky Daddy!

With both Father's Day and his birthday in June, Rex is in for a huge stack of gifts next month. The girls and I usually get him a couple of blue & white striped shirts and a cookbook or two, but this year I think we're going to celebrate Father's Day in HD with a new large-screen TV for our beach house in Bay Head, New Jersey. Once I discovered that I can access the Internet at the beach without Comcast, Rex and I agreed that we wouldn't waste our time arguing with the Comcastic people at the central office in Brick about $3 monthly modem rental on the cable modem I bought three years ago at Circuit City...instead, we would live without TV at the beach this summer, perhaps forever.

Won't he be surprised when I sign up for Charter HD service at the beach and bring home the nation's biggest HDTV with the best Charter HD service! All my girls have to do is write a 250-word essay about Rex, why he's the best daddy in the whole world, and why he deserves the biggest HDTV in the nation! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy, as my girls have been known to say.


Participants who have a father living in Charter's serviceable areas can enter an essay about their father for a chance to win him the nation’s biggest HDTV with the best Charter HD service. Even though my girls are going to win the contest, you can try it, too. Just click on one of the links in this post to register with your e-mail address and your dad's e-mail address and other personal information, like what's dad's favorite color and did he like the tie you gave him for Father's Day last year (just kidding). After registration, you can submit a brief essay answering the question: “Why does your dad deserves the nation’s biggest HDTV?” If your father lives in a qualified Charter Communication serviceable area, you and Dad will be entered to win the nation’s biggest HDTV with the best Charter HD service and The Charter Bundle™ FREE for life.

Only one lucky dad (Rex) will receive the Grand Prize:
• FREE Charter HD service and The Charter Bundle for life

But for the rest of you, the other nice prizes for runner-ups include:
• Charter’s Biggest Bundle, FREE for a year
• FREE Charter HD service for a year

Just enter to win by June 8th, Charter will announce the big winner on Father's Day 2008. Visit their web site for all the details and the fine print not covered here on Roxiticus Desperate Housewives. And sorry, almost-5-year-old-Matthew, while your dad may be terrific when you're not in the corner, Charter service is not available in the United Kingdom. Maybe your dad would like a puppy for Father's Day?

Sponsored by Charter Communications