Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearls Before Swine?

I've promised Mariuca and others that I will be posting more pictures from the Bronx Zoo, and I will...though the lion and the bear were both sleeping and I couldn't capture the tiger, even with my quick snappin' Canon Digital Rebel XT. One picture that I surely will not be sharing here, however, is the mom who dressed up in her Sweater Set and Freshwater Pearls to go to the zoo! Thankfully, the mom in question was not one of our Mendham Township Elementary School chaperones, but we moms in our orange MTES Tiger T-shirts wondered whether the woman from Connecticut just couldn't find any other venue to show off her Mother's Day gifts?

I do love Freshwater Pearls, but haven't worn mine since my clasp broke a few years back. The beautiful String of Pearls that I have was a high school graduation gift from my parents almost 25 years ago so, while they are gorgeous and mean a lot to me, their connection to each other is quite precarious and I probably need to have them re-strung. In the meantime, I'm considering whether to ask Rex for new pearls from The Pearl Outlet online, maybe for our 10th anniversary in September. The Pearl Outlet has a wide selection, from simple black Tahitian pearl pendants to Akoya pearl bracelets to strings of the rarest South Sea pearls. There's a special Designer's Market showing off the efforts of designers who feature pearls in their unique handcrafted designs, as well as a wedding area for pearl bridesmaid gifts and jewelry for the Mother-of-the-Bride.

Fear not, I will be wearing pearls again one day soon. But make no mistake, my dear Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers, I will not be casting pearls before swine at next year's Mendham Township Elementary School First Grade Trip to the Bronx Zoo!


Wally Banners said...

Congrats on 10 years of Marriage!! May you always know happiness and love!! btw you got my bob vote but you already know that :)