Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nightmares at the Beach


When I started living with Rex back in 1996, and we drove down to stay at his beach house in Bay Head, New Jersey, for the first time, I had nightmares all summer long. There were some creepy raccoons that clawed their way into the attic through the chimney, and after midnight, they sounded an awful lot like his ex-wife. Thankfully, we've had some work done on the house and the raccoons (and ex-wives) have less access through the roof, and the only nightmares I have now come from seeing too many scary movies.

There's a new one that just came out on DVD called Frontier(s)...I took a long looksee at the trailer and it is every bit as scary as Rex's ex-wife and the raccoons combined. So scary that the movie is unrated, causing a big contoversy and hullaballoo that prevented the movie from appearing in mainstream local theatres. I've checked out the Frontier(s) select theater listings and the closest one to us at the beach in Bay Head is in New York City, while Philadelphia is not too far....though I've got to say that, since I'm continuing my stubborn battle with Comcast down here and can't watch any television, I may try to rent the Frontier(s) DVD, which came out on May 13th and is probably available at our local Blockbuster down the street in Pt. Pleasant Beach, and Rex and I will have Horror Movie Night with the neighbors after the kids are in bed.

Please be forewarned that Frontier(s) is a horror movie and some of the images as well as the movie trailer may not be suitable for all audiences, especially if you have raccoons or ex-wives clawing their way in through your attic.

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