Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chester Wine, Spirits & Gourmet in Chester, New Jersey

Where does Bree get her beer? Where do the other Roxiticus Desperate Housewives and Husbands pick up a bottle of wine for Rex when they're on their way to one of his four-star gourmet dinners?

While we'll frequently travel to other local wine merchants when we want to stock up our wine cellar, Rex and I are quite fond of Chester Wine, Spirits & Gourmet in Chester, New Jersey for a quick six-pack of microbrews, an amazing selection of cheeses, or a delicious sandwich for lunch. Rex and I stopped by the other day on the way home from the doctor's office to fill up the Roxiticus Desperate Refrigerator with this great selection of beer, beer, and more beer:

  • Magic Hat Fat Angel
  • Magic Hat Number Nine
  • Sam Adams Irish Red
  • Fort Collins Z Lager
  • Fort Collins Retro Red
  • Fort Collins Rocky Mountain
  • Fort Collins Major Tom's Pomegranate
  • Stone Ruination
  • Stone India Pale Ale
  • Hobgoblin
  • Blue Point Hoptical
  • Blue Point Toasted Lager
  • Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Hmm, I guess that was more than a "quick six-pack," but the Roxiticus Desperate Refrigerator was in crisis mode after my March Madness depletion during all those basketball games.

You'll have to call Chester Wine at (908) 879-0300 to ask about the panini of the day and you'll find the complete menu at the Chester Wine web site, but here are a few of my Signature Sandwich favorites:

  • Roast Beef Special: roast beef, grilled onions, fresh romaine lettuce, horseradish mayonnaise on a ciabatta baguette
  • Turkey Salad: chunks of roasted turkey, cranberries, celery, Dijon mustard, and dill mayonnaise on a seven grain bread or roll
  • Sloppy Joe: a New Jersey original. Made with ham, turkey, roast beef, Swiss cheese, home-made Cole slaw and Russian dressing on rye bread


Chester Wine, Spirits & Gourmet: The best selection of wine, beer, cheese, and gourmet items. Phone: (908) 879-0300. Fax your lunch order to (908) 879-5751 and pick it up during Sandwich Room Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00am-3:01pm, Sunday 11:00am-3:01pm. Chester Wine, Spirits & Gourmet is located at 350 Route 24 in Chester, NJ. Don't forget to pick up a nice bottle of California Chardonnay (if shrimp salad or roast chicken is on the menu), Pinot Noir (nice with salmon), or Cabernet (if he's grilling steak) for Rex and tell 'em Roxiticus Desperate Housewives sent you.