Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Election Outcomes on eBay?

I wonder if you could predict the outcome of an election based on the political items you can find on eBay... just this morning, I found plenty of memorabilia mocking Hillary Clinton, while Obama on eBay finds were much more supportive.

To your left you'll see a shiny Wizard of OZ political button with Witch Hillary and Bill the Flying Monkey, only about 12 hours left with one bid at $7.99. I can't help but think the bidding will heat up on this's priceless!

Next we found this Hillary Clinton Bobblehead with a $9.99 starting bid. There are no bids on it yet, but there's still a lot of time (more than 6 days) left.

If you search Obama, however, there are all sorts of pins and T-shirts supporting his run for President, including a hot pink donkey Obama Girl T-shirt, a tribute to the YouTube video girl.

Then again, each candidate had a supportive item that sold for an astounding amount on eBay: a 2008 Topps Hillary Clinton Autograph Card sold for $725 (but with only two bids, that's not much when it comes to tallying up the votes).

Obama outsold Hillary on eBay with the OBEY GIANT OBAMA PROGRESS HOPE prints by Shepard Fairey shown above, a complete set of 4 Official Art prints SIGNED/NUMBERED that went for $2700!

Leading up to the November election, we're sure to find all sorts of interesting political things sold through eBay, but once the election is over, I bet there will be an equal number of sellers looking to quietly unload their losing candidate's memorabilia using iSold It, where you can take your items to a physical location and have them sell them for you "anonymously" on eBay.

You don't have to wait until November...drop off any item you wish to sell to a local iSold It store and they will sell it on your behalf on eBay. No political disclosure or humiliation required!

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LadyJava said...

Ohh Roxy I love the witch hilary and her!!

By the way.. you're shiny out from my EC widget over at LLP.. remember to keep things down ya :)