Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pavan's Tennis Academy at Fox Chase Tennis in Chester, New Jersey

Rex and I went to watch the girls play tennis yesterday at Fox Chase Tennis in Chester, New Jersey. They're really getting good for their age, and I think it is thanks to a new European training technique for kids introduced here in the Roxiticus Valley by Pavan Patel. Pavan pointed me toward a YouTube video on the Serve Rally Score approach, and I've embedded it here for those who are interested. Instead of boring the little munchkins with repetitive instruction, the larger, slower balls give the kids a chance to actually play the game of tennis. Take a look:

If you live in the Morris County area, my kids love playing tennis with Coach Pavan, and I highly recommend his weekly tennis lessons for kids, starting with "munchkins" from age 4, on up through highly competitive high school group and private lessons. You can learn more at the Pavan's Tennis Academy web site.