Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Star

Help me, I'm wrinkling! Since I've been staying up round the clock to watch over all of your blogs from my sentry post on your EntreCard widget (what happens with Roxy stays with Roxy!), dark circles have been showing up under my eyes, and I think I'm getting crows feet in the corners (see close-up on left). I was just asking Mariuca the other night whether her Perfume Gallery blog could recommend a Top Wrinkle Cream to help with my problem.

Renuven promises me that if I dream of looking as much as twenty (20!!) years younger (hmm...would I start to act like a college kid, too?) and having radiant, glowing skin (that part I'll take) then Renuven is the wrinkle cream for me. It is supposed to penetrate down through all seven layers of the skin, with hyaluronic acid to stimulate the regrowth of my very own collagen. Almond oil will help keep Roxy's skin smooth and plump while a hidden gem (fractionated silicon dioxide) will make my wrinkles disappear...and my little dog, too!


Kim said...

lol ..let me know if it works !!!
I have noticed the same with the entrecard....very little sleep syndrome :) :)

Belisi Instant Skin Tightener said...

Jeeze...20 years younger? Does that mean I'd have acne again? Hahaha.