Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting Into Roxy's Pants


Have you guys heard about the Dockers contest? I've posted about it here before, and recently someone left a comment that took me to a 30-second video parody of the contest at YouTube giving some really creative notions about what you could do in Dockers: Adultery. Grand Theft Auto. And that's just for starters.

What would a day in the life of your pants be like? Dockers is encouraging any of our loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers who have more talent than I do with a video camera to create your own stories about your pants and submit your story as a 30-second video to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest. I guess you know you're getting old when someone gives you the opportunity to write about getting into your pants and you think of things like....planting the heirloom tomato plants in the garden, sitting on the porch on the Jersey Shore, drinking beer and listening to Springsteen while your kids paint shells on the sidewalk.

There was a time when Roxy's favorite pair of pants would really have some stories to tell. The time I wore them to Mardi Gras with Melissa. Going on all those crazy blind dates just to entertain my friends. Running onto the field after the Orioles game in Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and spending the night in jail as a result....ah, those were the days. Starting to sound like that crazy YouTube parody...maybe it's best that my pants can't talk.

But if your pants have a story to tell that fits into a 30-second video, go ahead! Make your own Dockers commercial and submit it to the judges for a chance to win, leave me a comment here and I will link to the video on your blog. You have until May 29, 2008 to submit your video to Dockers for consideration. Then the judges will review all eligible commercials and judge them on their creativity (30%), originality (30%), ability to highlight the Dockers brand (35%), and total Widget User rating (5%). Then Dockers will post five (5) finalist videos online to give all of us the chance to vote for our favorite, and the winner (and millions of TV viewers) will see his or her winning ad during the June 13th broadcast of The Tonight Show on NBC.

I haven't posted all the rules here, so click on one of my links to visit the Dockers contest web site for all the fine print. Good luck!

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