Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick as You Can Say EntreCard!

Quick as you can say EntreCard, I just linked my three other EntreCard blogs to my primary Roxiticus Desperate Housewives account. It was really easy to do, now all I have to do is hit "switch" and I can drop any of my four EntreCards at your blog. If you're visiting from BlogExplosion or Social Spark and you don't have an EntreCard or know what it is, please hit this link to review my EntreCard Refresher Course before reading any further.

If you're already an EntreCard dropper with a hint of addiction, scroll down or click here to learn about the Exciting News from EntreCard, announced today!

Monday Night Update: I just did the coolest thing. By "switching" to each of my four blogs in the EntreCard dashboard, while refreshing the screen of the blog I was on each time I switched, I just dropped all four of my EntreCards at South Jersey Fun. I'm off to try it again on Berryvox, Michigan Rafter, LadyJava, and Mariuca!


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Hey Bree,

Just wanted to wish you good luck in our BotB battle!

Nice jumping on the new EnterCard bandwaggon...I'm glad that's there for everyone with multiple blogs. I don't know how you guys do it, one blog is way too much for me.

Speaking of which, I have an extreme blog makeover happening with a whole new layout, new graphics, 4 seasonal headers and footers for the different times of the year, etc....I'm very pleased. The look of my blog will be so much cleaner it's unbelievable!

Desperate Housewives, last night's ending was CRA-ZY! They better NOT jump ahead five years. They better NOT have been dreaming. They better not have been in an alternative universe. The show was so perfect up until the ending. Susan better not be married to a new guy and Mike better still be in the picture--especially after the awesome way they handled the naming of Maynard!

I loved the way they got rid of the drug dealer and handled the money issue. Way to go Gabby!

Glad they got rid of Kayla--what a b*tch of a kid! She NEEDED to be slapped!

Hope you're having an awesome vacation...Read my post today, I would really like to hear your comments!