Friday, May 02, 2008

Taking the Fall for Brent's Peccadilloes (Again)....or How I Became a Cub Scout Den Mother

Do you like my uniform? I was the winning bidder for this hot little number on eBay last Halloween, when Brent decided that he would march proudly in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade as a Cub Scout Den Mother, along with his troop of impressionable young boys. When bidding on this item, Brent did not want to appear sick and twisted to the Midwestern Mom who was selling it on he used my eBay UserID and our office shipping address to acquire the lovely blouse, skirt, and cap combo. I'm not sure where he got the coordinating "women in comfortable shoes" pumps to wear in size 11.

After a successful Halloween Parade experience and his subsequent move to the suburbs, Brent no longer needs the Cub Scout Den Mother Uniform. He's not likely to be dressing in drag for the neighborhood Halloween parade this year and would prefer that his new nosy neighbors not ask too many questions when groping through his closets. I am, of course, charged with the task of unloading it.

In his recent efforts to find an antique kitchen table to fit his Mount Vernon decorating scheme, Brent experienced one of the issues of shopping "face to face" through Craigslist. While he ended up with the perfect kitchen table, Brent was frightened by what could have happened to the elderly couple who sold it to him if they let the wrong type of "buyer" into their home. And I'd rather not expose myself to the type of buyers who might be in the market for Brent's lightly used Cub Scout Den Mother Uniform.

We found a solution through iSold It, a "bricks and mortar" service in Brent's neighborhood (and yours), where would-be sellers can drop off any and all items you wish to sell. Then your local iSold It store sells it on your behalf, to a huge audience, on eBay. iSoldIt does all the work, photographing and listing your item on eBay. They send you a link so you can watch the action on eBay as it unfolds. After the item sells, iSoldIt collects the payment and ships your item to the winning bidder. Once the transaction is complete, they send you a check.

Problem solved, Cub Scout Den Mother Uniform unloaded. No prying eyes or curious visitors to Brent's natural habitat.

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Matthew S. Urdan said...

Hey Bree,

I was a cubscout once in a former life. I still have some merit badges and the Pinewood Derby championship.

Check out my current post with eye candy for the ladies and great useful info for guys looking for awesome outdoor clothing/gear.

Just stopped by to vote, I hope you have an awesome weekend!