Thursday, April 24, 2008

80 Degrees in the Roxiticus Valley, and Bree is Not Ready for a Bikini

Another amazing summer day in April here in the Roxiticus Valley...I was working (the real, investment banking, job) and blogging (hey, SocialSpark came out of beta today and I had to let you all know) out on our deck in the sunshine. The girls are on Spring Break and went to the park with our nanny, my friend Hope and her four kids. Couldn't be too much nicer....but then I start to think about what I will look like in a bikini in Bay Head this summer. Uh oh...

As I've mentioned before, Rex looks great. Before his knee surgery, he was working out every morning, and he's been eating right since he started seeing a nutritionist back in August. Yeah, I have to fix him weird breakfasts (Grape Nuts with flax seed on top, Ezekiel muffins that might be made of alfalfa sprouts), but it sure beats the results I've been getting with coffee and Pop-Tarts.

I don't think it has reached the point that I need a B12 injection for weight loss, but I started looking online for the best weight loss program, both short-term (Memorial Day!!) and long-term. At, Dr. Gates prescribes weight loss shots, cellulite creams, and diet supplements based on your personal medical history. I found something called "Cell Press -- The Fill Pill" that surpresses your appetite, kinda like those magic crystals Rex mixes into his lemonade, only in a pill form that I can stomach. I may have to give it a try, and get back to exercising while Rex does his physical therapy in the gym downstairs. I'll add in a Walk 'n' Roll Pedometer (with FM Radio and earbuds) and be on my way!

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Anonymous said...

I've been taking my vitamin B's in yummy drink form, and I've noticed a big difference. I'm not needing to lose weight but just maintaining, and it is making it fairly simple to do so. I know what you mean about the scares me being in SoCal and thinking about putting one on again! Especially since I don't go out and try to get tan anymore!

Anonymous said...

Bikini... that soooo scared me until I found MyDietSolutions LOL! I actually bought one this summer and it FIT!! Woo Hoo!!
I've been ordering the B12 injections from them for about a year now and am soooo not going to be without them! My energy level is incredible. And more energy = more activity = burned calories = less fat = WooHoo Bikini MaMa!!! Way to go, MDS!!

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents here on My Diet Solutions and their products... don't ever see myself without them!!
From their Bars and their B12 Injections to their "Calorie King" and "Chicken Soup" Books, I've enjoyed all my purchases thus far, and the customer service is tops!