Monday, April 28, 2008

Desperate Housewives Last Night: Roxy vs. Roxy

Carlos got a seeing eye dog named Roxy...I don't know how to think about that! For sure, I liked Gabi's concept of a Seeing Eye Monkey: "It can toast a bagel!"

I just snagged this Desperate Housewives photo widget, let's see if they have a shot of "the other Roxy" from last night's episode. I think you can also catch up on recent episodes right here:


Mo said...

That's funny!

Savvy said...

Just today I saw on a blog that someone's dog is named Diesel; that's what I call my son as a nickname. I just wrote it once on my blog instead of just calling him D.

Long ago a woman very snootily informed me, after learning my name, "Funny. That's what I call my DOG. That's her name." She was angry because she was "bragging" about her travels and I had been there too. Sheesh.

Remember, people generally love their dogs!

Debbie said...

Carlos' dog is a golden puppy! What better compliment could there be!

LadyJava said...

Roxy! I can't see the widget...oh well.. I've dl the episode but have yet to watch it.. sounds interesting eh... anyway came via BotB to vote for you!!

Win Win Win!!!

Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy! Hey, I could've sworn I left a comment here earlier! It must've disappeared! :(

Anyway it's that time to vote, vote vote! :)

JOEY said...

ROFL THE DOGS NAME IS ROXY? LMAO OH GAWD YOU MUST PF FREAKED WHEN YOU HEARD CARLOS CALL THE DOG LMAO. mad votes your way!!!! If you search the production company that does the show email them the link to your blog.

Skew said...

Hi Roxy, I propped you,too! ;-)