Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Music School Dropout

For Christmas 2006, Santa brought my girls a keyboard in the hope that they would start taking music/"piano" lessons. On the recommendation of my friend Hope, we signed up with a local piano teacher, Svetlana, although Hope warned me that Svetlana could be "difficult." Starting in February 2007, Svetlana started coming to our home on Monday afternoons after school. The girls had a couple of lessons...they loved playing the piano and making music, but then it came time for vacation. "You take one vacation per year," Svetlana insisted in broken English. "No," I said, "more like one vacation per month, especially if you count all of the holidays that fall on Monday." "I don't come to your house anymore." Damn. Maybe it's time to give Amadeus Home Music School a try.


Anonymous said...

Don't use Amadeus Home Music School. I am a teacher for them and haven't been paid for two months despite repeated emails.I know of a student there who got charged $1,000 on her VISA for a renewal of 8 lessons even though she had told them not to renew and she was never reimbursed. Recently, through a glitch in their online system, I saw that a bunch of teachers still haven't been paid for 4, 8, and even 20 lessons! Don't go with them. are WAY better. I teach for them too and they are good and reliable. To anybody having a problem, please report AHMS to the BBB.