Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheap Phone Cards Defy Greedy LizWorld Landlady!

As my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers know, my husband Rex and I own a small investment bank in New York City. When we lived on the in the West Village and started our firm in 1999, we had a seven year lease on a gorgeous office on Fifth Avenue. We were very proud of the way we built it out ourselves, and we could walk to work every day in nice weather. After Rex and I moved out to the Roxiticus Valley in October 2003 and learned about the painful daily commute, we set up our partners' desk in front of the fireplace in our home office and started working from home more often and coming in to New York less and less. Since we spent less time in our NYC office, we decided to eliminate the expense and effort involved to maintain our presence on Fifth Avenue, and moved into a nearby office suite called LizWorld.

Our LizWorld landlady, Liz, is the queen of nickel and diming....if you think of nickels as $50 dollar bills and dimes as hundreds! On top of the rent, which I find reasonable, LizWorld makes its money on services such as the pantry ($15/month per person, whether you show up and use it or not), color photocopies and faxes ($1 per page), but most and worst of all, domestic and international long distance telephone services. Brent was making all kinds of calls at 35 cents per domestic LizMinute and at least a dollar per International LizMinute, and we realized very quickly that we needed an international phone card to defy our greedy landlady. Phone Cards Avenue provides a list of the best cheap international phone cards and allows customers like the tenants of LizWorld to save 80% or more over regular long distance providers like AT&T or Sprint, with even greater savings compared with LizMinutes. I can choose an international phone card with the best rate to reach my clients in Japan and laugh at Landlady Liz like a Shanghyena.

I've also found that swank hotels seem to have created a Star Wars anti-cell phone defense system against the satellites of wireless providers and cell phone users, and I frequently can't get any wireless reception bars on my iPhone from my room or at the pool when I travel. Cheap international phone cards to the rescue....I simply dial the toll-free access number from the hotel phone and pay pennies instead of dollars per minute for my domestic and international calls. Now all I need is for someone to launch the equivalent wireless Internet access card for my laptop and I'll be bloggin' round the world....