Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pavan's Tennis at Fox Chase Tennis Club Has A New Web Site!

Pavan's Tennis Academy at Fox Chase Tennis Club in Chester, NJ, just launched the Pavan's Tennis Academy Web Site to keep parents informed about their children's tennis program through out the year. Parents can also visit Pavan's site to see the latest information in the tennis world.

I just signed up both of my girls for another 8-week session at Pavan's Munchkin Tennis Academy at the Fox Chase Tennis Club. Phone: (908) 879-5231.

Pavan Patel is great with the kids and just introduced a new, European approach for developing high level junior tennis players (aged 10 and under) involving red, orange, and green balls that are different sizes and "speeds." Serve, rally, score is the slogan the ITF uses to explain how tennis can best be introduced to starter players. Pavan believes it is important that coaches make the first experience of the starter player positive. The ITF believes that getting starter players to play the game (serving, rallying and scoring) from the first lesson is vital in ensuring an enjoyable experience that they’ll want to continue.

Pavan is also running a tennis camp this summer at Fox Chase Tennis for 9 weeks starting June 23rd. It looks like kids can sign up for as many weeks as they want...we have signed up for one week of half-day Munchkins Tennis Camp in August. If you're interested in three or more weeks of tennis camp, click here to take advantage of a special offer to save up to 15% on Pavan's Tennis Academy Summer Camp if you sign up by May 30th, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Pavan't tennis academy is not associated with but there are plenty of great programs at Fox Chase Tennis Club for you to choose from. It's the best tennis center around - great, personal service and great folks too play with. The pros are excellent and the kids' programs can't be beat. Check it out at today!