Friday, April 18, 2008

People Who Live In Glass Houses...Better Have Nice Window Coverings!

As my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives know, Rex and I went with our lovely children to see Brent and Fitz in their natural habitat in Westchester, NY, a few weekends back. We had a great tour of the area and really enjoyed checking out Brent's new house, which was built way back in the 18th Century. Lots of great old charm and nice views, but there's one little problem: Brent and Fitz's neighbors are a little too interested in the boys' comings and goings.

It seems the prior inhabitants of Brent's house were great friends of theirs, with basically an open-door policy in effect. At first, this "neighborliness" was OK with Brent and Fitz: they'd moved from the City, and the utter silence of the country took a bit of getting used to, so the raucous neighbors were welcome. But lately the neighbors have started to get a little stalky: last weekend, the minute the boys got home, there they were, asking Brent over for drinks. And then: "why have you been using the upstairs bedroom to sleep these past few nights? We thought you were always using the downstairs bedroom!"

That's when Brent knew it was time to throw out the old see-through drapes left behind by the previous owners and look into something a little more substantial from Select Blinds. They've got hundreds of Brent was mighty pleased with the selection, and picked out some mahogany Distressed Wood Blinds that fit with the Mount Vernon (think George Washington) decor and will surely block out all prying eyes until those Arborvitaes can grow up and block the entire view. I can't wait to see how these Distressed Wood Blinds from Select Blinds look in the Manor, because Rex and I were talking about re-doing the girls' windows just the other day.

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