Friday, April 18, 2008

Grammy Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said....

Oh, my....I think it's time to get Rex's mom a new cell phone, maybe a Jitterbug, and here's why....

Grammy came over last weekend before Rex's knee surgery, and had the following story to tell (remember, it is all our fault).

Grammy: You would not believe what happened with that silly cell phone you bought for me. I was trying to call the doctor and must have mis-dialed, although I programmed all my numbers in just like you showed me.

Grammy: Let's see, Dr. Johnson, 973-555-1212.

Cellphone: Dialing 973-555-2121.

Emperor's Club Escort Service: Emperor's Club, Taniqua speaking.

Grammy: Yes, I'd like to make an appointment.

Emperor's Club Escort Service: What did you have in mind?

Grammy: Something on Thursday, as late in the afternoon as possible, to check out my breasts and you know, my lady parts. The usual.

Emperor's Club Escort Service: We can set it up for five o'clock on Thursday. How much are you willing to pay?

Grammy: I believe I've got a $250 deductible, but I haven't been in at all this year.

Emperor's Club Escort Service: Well, that will only get you one of our two-diamond girls for about an hour. How about Kristen? She'll don a slinky dress and very high heels, and you can both appreciate the refinements. We will need the money up front. Can you wire it to our account in the Caymans?

Grammy (not hearing much of what Taniqua said except the part about wiring the money): This is very unusual. Can't I just give you my $25 co-pay when I get there?

Emperor's Club Escort Service: Twenty-five bucks won't get you in the door with any of our girls. Governor Spitzer had no problem with our wire transfer arrangements.

Grammy: Why was Governor Spitzer seeing a gynecologist??

Emperor's Club Escort Service: [hangs up]

To avoid experiences like this with a cell phone designed for the younger generation, Jitterbug has created a simpler cell phone with a whole new experience that puts customers first. The Jitterbug phone is easy to use and includes friendly, helpful service. They'll take the time to help you or your Grammy out when you're having a senior moment. The phone itself makes it easier: Simple. Bigger, backlit buttons. Bright, large text. A powerful speaker that delivers the message loud and clear, so no case of mistaken identity.

Jitterbug's customer support: Helpful. Live, friendly 24-hour Jitterbug operators can make calls for you, provide directory assistance and add names to your phone list. Leave it to Jitterbug to help Grammy program her phone so she doesn't have to blame you for her dialing mistakes.


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