Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let's Go, G.N.O.P.J. (Girls' Night Out....Plus John) Part II

Sunday morning after the Big Night Out in Red Bank, New Jersey. Had a good time, but went home embarrassingly early. Can't tell whether it is the beer or the blogosphere taking its toll on me, but by 11:00pm, I was too tired to stay out any later and make the long drive home. I remember the days when Melissa and I would stay out drinking and writing haiku, close the Jersey Shore bars and move on to a diner for more girl talk.

As "always" (Susan reminded me that John showed up for last summer's G.N.O. when I was "out sick"), it didn't really make much of a difference that John was there, we had our girlie/mommy talk about the usual stuff, and having him around seems to make Gabrielle happy. I just don't understand why he'd want to come out with us... every time! None of you guys stepped up last night to comment yay or nay or why...maybe each and every one of you boybloggers was out on your own Girls' Night Out, so feel free to comment here while you nurse your hangover.

Only My Fellow Bloggers Would Understand Quote of the Night:
When I asked her why she never reads my blog, Melissa said, "I did. I read it once a couple years ago!"


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Hey! Your entrecard widget is gone! What happened? I reported the problem and got my credits reimbursed. Also, your comments have appeared on my blog, so I'm not sure what you meant by that they were invisible for the last 72 hours....What do you think is going on? Is it a blogger issue?

Just voted for you. Good luck, take some time and read my post today. I'd be very interested in your thoughts.


Wally Banners said...

Hehe I would love to feel your "thoughts" too... Gulp, Hi Rex didn't see you nice Tie Sir...