Saturday, April 19, 2008

House Music All Night Long!

Every once in a while, I remember my days as a disc jockey in high school and college, or even as the worst account executive to ever grace the halls of Hot 97 and the mean streets of NYC. Those were the days when I could come in to find Snoop Doggy Dog trying on the pair of pink pumps I kept under my desk, or Funkmaster Flex regaling us with his nightly adventures, mixing it up in the hottest clubs all around NYC. When I bought my first house, I got a note from a one of my few clients, a hip-hop concert promoter who always had to pay up front in cash, that said, "Congrats on your new crib." I think I got the same note seven years ago from the sales manager at BabiesRUs in Bridgewater, NJ.

So you can see that things have changed in my life. After all, I'm a Roxiticus Desperate Housewife! Nowadays, House Music TV is the only way I get my clubbing fix and steal a look inside the lives of international house music DJs and the global nightclub scene. House Music TV is a revolutionary service that shows you the latest and greatest house music videos online. If you want to keep up with the latest events featuring your favorite house music DJs (including Deep Dish, Erick Morillo, Lee Kalt, David Guetta, Danny Tenaglia, Paul Van Dyke, and Tiesto), House Music TV is perfect for you.

House Music TV not only lets you check in on the house music scene, but also showcases the fashions, travel, food and drink, and other things associated with the lifestyles of the big names in house music. Follow your favorite DJs and listen to house music mp3s electronically without the high costs involved in the nightlife and clubbing. Never face the velvet rope again! You can watch house music videos and listen to House Music TV's mp3 selection online without ever leaving your home.

Some of my neighboring Roxiticus Desperate Housewives may not know that house music is a style of electronic dance music that was developed by dance club DJs in Chicago in the early to mid-1980s. Strongly influenced by elements of the late 1970s soul- and funk-infused dance music style of disco, house music takes disco's use of a prominent bass drum on every beat and cranks out a new style by mixing in a heavy electronic synthesizer bassline, electronic drums, electronic effects, funk and pop samples, and reverb- or delay-enhanced vocals.

Shake up your Roxiticus Desperate Housewife Life and visit to get a taste of house music and nightclubs around the world and follow the links to buy the music of famed DJ and House Music TV founder Lee Kalt. when you want to watch more than you want to listen.

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Mariuca said...

Hey Roxy! This looks like a SS post yes? I've not done any yet, still waiting in queue! ;)

It's Sat night here, hope u're having a good weekend with Rex! And hey, I'm here to vote! :)