Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top Down Day!

Oh, yeah!! 78 degrees and sunny, sunny, sunny in the Roxiticus Valley. Rex has a doctor's appointment to follow up on his knee surgery over in Morristown, and it is a Top Down Day!!

I wasn't anticipating that spring would come so quickly and perfectly, so my baby (see photo above) has been waiting in the garage with a dead battery. I called Triple A yesterday to get the battery charged, so we're good to go. I haven't given our 1996 Celica Convertible the car wax he truly deserves, but Rex and I will be cruising to the doctor with the top down this afternoon!

When I get home, I'll go online to Lane's Professional Car Products to get that car wax. They're professional auto detailing experts who have offered an exclusive line of professional auto-detailing products online since 2001. The Lane’s Professional Car Products web site offers safe, easy and secure online ordering with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

And believe me, my baby deserves the very best. He's getting Lane's Top Edition Wax Package in time for the weekend!

Sponsored by Lane's Professional Car Products


Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy spring is finally here :) I wish I had a convertible too! That looks great.