Thursday, April 17, 2008

Attention WordPress Self-Hosters: Any Tips for a Newbie Like Bree?

Attention KMart Shoppers! I mean, Attention WordPress Bloggers!

After two months of blogging in earnest using Google's Blogger software here at, I am contemplating a move to WordPress on a self-hosted blog. I've got my new domain all picked out and signed up: It's got a ring to it.

I don't really know why they call it self-hosting...I'm actually using a web hosting provider called Hostcentric. A quick word about Hostcentric: I suspect that they have outsourced their Online Chat with Tech Support to India, but they give them all pseudonyms, and the best part it? Hostcentric actually puts the pseudonyms in quote, as in, You are chatting with "Nina Scott." Last night, I chatted twice in an hour with "Nina Scott" and she didn't remember me the second time. Today, "Rosey Dean" kept me on hold for ten minutes while she went to the restroom and out for a smoke break. Brent and I were texting about it and I almost typed a naughty joke right into the "Chat with Tech" screen by mistake.

But I digress. While I self-host an annual Roxiticus Sunset party, I don't have a clue about self-hosting my blog. Which is why I will ask my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers to comment here if you use WordPress on your own domain, particularly if you've made the switch from Blogger/Blogspot. Do any of you Social Cardsters have any advice for me? Pros vs. Cons?Please leave your comment below...I appreciate all the help I can get.