Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's Go, G.N.O.P.J. (Girls' Night Out....Plus John)

Almost three years ago now, in August 2005, just as I was starting to blog for the first time (and before my 2.5 year hiatus), I posted about a Girls' Night Out in Red Bank. It went something like this:

So the girls went out in Red Bank on Saturday: Me, Melissa, Susan, and Gabrielle plus a male guest, John. Upon learning that Gabrielle was bringing her new love interest, PostBoy suggested that I should behave as if John weren't there, feeling free to ask questions such as "So, Gabrielle, how does John stack up in bed compared with Carlos?"

Gabrielle did indeed bring her new/old love, John, which distanced her from us a bit. I guess she ran into him at her 20th high school reunion last year and they sort of picked up where they left off. And when I asked the key question, she said he had wildly improved in the bedroom since the old days. Poor Gabrielle is still living with Carlos, sleeping in her son's top bunk bed, and trying to figure out her life until and after a divorce. It is hard to imagine the life she lives with Carlos just to keep her family for him, keeping up the house, lying to her children about "business trips" and Carlos' snoring as the excuse for not sleeping in the same room with him, and putting up with Carlos' insulting treatment. So it is no wonder she's been looking elsewhere for love, and I guess I'm glad for her that she can find refuge with John.

Tonight all the same players are coming together again at the same restaurant in Red Bank, New Jersey. And I do mean ALL the same players....Gabrielle has since left Carlos and is still (seriously) involved with John. When Melissa told her she was flying "home" from California and wanted to get together for a Girl's Night Out (G.N.O., as Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus would say), Gabrielle actually said, "Gee, I don't know, John is down in Delaware today but I hope he'll be back in time to meet us for dinner!"

O.K., is it me, or what do my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers think? Guys, would you even want to go out on a Girls' Night Out? Remember, we're not talking about a steamy bachelorette party here, these are mommies we're talking about. Let's hear it in the comments section....I'm off to Red Bank wearing the Naughty Tink shirt in the picture and will post an update on Sunday morning.


Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy! I came via EC but theyr'e having a temp outage I believe, so not sure if you'll receive my drop here.

Anyway, have fun with the gals and ohhhh ...would love to see Roxy in this hot tee, how abt some pics? ;)

Mariuca said...

Hey I'm back! Just realized that u're on BOTB and there's 4 more votes left. Let me help speed this one along yeah! ;)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Go ahead and leave a comment on the feedback page, and I will too....If were going to advertise, we should get the correct widgets advertised. thanks for pointing this out!