Friday, April 18, 2008

Vacation from My Cleaning Lady

Since Rex just returned home from the hospital (he's doing fine, thanks!), I was fortunate enough to take a vacation from our housekeeper, Margaret, today. I have posted before about how stressful I find it to prepare for the cleaning lady the night before, but last week Margaret's fight with the vacuum cleaner gave me new frustration. I'll admit that we're always partially to blame, so let me say upfront that we just took our living Christmas tree out of the house to be planted two weeks ago, and it left behind quite a number of pine needles in the carpet.

So I was in the office and I hear a hideous Zweeezsh sound coming from the foyer, and Margaret is dismantling our dear old vacuum cleaner, pine needles spewing everywhere. I went back to my work, but a few minutes later, Zweezsh! Poor sad vacuum pulled apart in pieces on the carpet. While Margaret put the vacuum back together again, I heard the Zweezsh sound several more times and I don't think any more vacuuming got done that day. I must confess I was afraid to try it out as I had no time to vacuum-shop, but now that Rex is home and I have some more time I'm going online to shop for a new Dyson. I found a site called that has a great selection of Dyson vacuums (including one called the Animal!) that are strong and reliable enough to stand up to the toughest housekeeper....even Margaret. Zweezsh!!


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