Friday, April 04, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

Spring is in the air in the Roxiticus Valley, and it is time for Rex to think about gardening. I know he will try again with heirloom tomato plants, despite the efforts of Roxiticus Roxy, our very own groundhog. While I recently let my membership in the National Home Gardening Club lapse, you should know that the NHGC lured me in with a letter that said my neighbors had been admiring my gardening skills and had nominated me for membership!!

More than I might have imagined, lots of people have found that creativity and self-expression is released and expressed through gardening. Fiskars, through its Project Orange Thumb program, has awarded its 2008 grants to 13 groups across the United States who have developed and built community garden spaces that promote community involvement, creativity, and sustainable gardening by providing garden tools, accessories and financing to purchase green garden goods.

The photo represents one of the 2008 winners, the Colorado College Student Farm. The Student Farm creators created a student-directed, sustainable, organic garden that enhances local agriculture and contributes to the local development of an ecologically, economically and socially responsible society in Colorado Springs. The Colorado College Student Farm provides its surrounding community with the benefits of fresh food, farm experiences and resources for education and research. It will be used as an interactive resource for student, faculty and classes at the college and will give students access to fresh produce and farm work.

One of our neighbors down in Bay Head participates in a local community farm. I will have to let her know about the Fiskars Project Orange Thumb program, and maybe her group can apply for a grant next year.