Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Best of Bernards Township/Basking Ridge, NJ

The Roxiticus Desperate Housewives don't spend as much time in Bernards Township and Basking Ridge as we do in Mendham, Bernardsville, or Chester, but we recently received a request for the Best of Basking Ridge from a reader who was thinking about moving to Basking Ridge, and we aim to please, or at least to try to provide answers to your questions.

Here's a link to the Bernards Township Chamber of Commerce. The Bernards Township Chamber of Commerce can also be reached by phone: (908) 766-6755.

Basking Ridge/Liberty Corner is home to the Somerset Hills YMCA. You can contact the Somerset Hills YMCA by phone at (908) 766-7898.


While the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives can't make a personal recommendation, we can give you the names and phone numbers of a few local Basking Ridge/Bernards Township restaurants and hope you'll share your thoughts with your neighbors by posting a comment here after you've tried them. We'll also promise that we've never heard anything bad about the restaurants or merchants listed on our site.

Olde Mill Inn and Grain House Restaurant: an elegant inn and historic restaurant located off Route 287 (Exit 30B) at 225 Route 202 in Basking Ridge, NJ. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, social events, corporate meetings, outings and retreats. Phone: (800) 585-4461.

The Store: a touch of old-fashioned Americana, 55 South Finley Avenue in Basking Ridge, NJ. Super Sunday Brunch, Monday Lobster Festival, Prime Rib Night Tuesdays, Pasta Night Wednesdays, Steak Night Thursdays, drink specials in the lounge. Telephone: (908) 766-9853.

The Ridge Restaurant: housed in one of Basking Ridge's historic buildings, The Ridge Restaurant at 25 South Finley Avenue offers a selection of Italian dishes ranging from homemade soups and appetizers to entrees and imported Italian desserts and coffee. Family-friendly, serving abundant portions for reasonable prices. Phone: (908) 766-5701.

Kid Stuff:

A couple years back, we held our younger daughter's 4th birthday party at Color Me Mine, Highland Village in Liberty Corner/Basking Ridge, NJ. That was our Olivia the Pig theme birthday. I'm not sure I was thinking straight to put 25 four-year-olds (half boys) in a ceramics studio, but everyone had a good time and nothing got broken.

Early Childhood Education:

Before our girls were accepted at Westmont Montessori School (on Route 24 between Chester and Mendham, NJ), we considered The Allbrook School in Liberty Corner. In addition to the early childhood education program, Allbrook has a Montessori program for grades K-8. Phone (908) 580-0661. One of our teenage babysitters went to Allbrook until the 4th grade, and she turned out OK.


Morbi said...

I have tried "The Ridge Restaurant" and it was a memorable Saturday for my family. The Italian food served was simply delicious. Thanks for review here.

- Morbi