Saturday, April 05, 2008

Chester Riding Club

Today my younger daughter and I are off to a 6-year-old birthday party at Chester Riding Club in Chester, NJ. I've attended one other birthday party there, back in October with my older daughter, who has an unfortunate horse allergy....but we knew that going in and dosed her with Benadryl. The earlier party was a "girl party" (birthday girl invites the girls in her class as well as other gal pals) and I suspect this one will be as well. The girls had a least at this age, no serious riding takes place. Three or four of the girls at a time don helmets, mount mid-sized horses, and an instructor leads each one around the horse ring. Parents and the other party-goers can watch from behind the glass windows at ground level or up in the second floor party room.

Due to the horse allergies, we haven't signed up our girls for riding lessons, but Chester Riding Club offers them for all ages. Several of the other Roxiticus Desperate Housewives' children (from age 6 through high school age) do take lessons there. The moms, while warning that riding is an expensive habit, highly recommend the Chester Riding Club for its quality instruction.

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